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We are reeling under the internet age in the modern era where everything gone digital, the Smartphone, tabs, PCs have provided a new freedom and convenience in life. The wide array of advanced apps has created value to the mobile phone owner while businesses use Smart phones to run their business, consumers utilize it for a number of financial functions.

When it comes to bring the best out of technological business solutions, AVI Infosys constantly endeavours to merge technology and business solutions to provide powerful value propositions in an order to take its clients ahead of the innovation curve. Comprehending the complex needs of modern businesses it has developed the ever innovative and revolutionised Loyalty and Prepaid Solution called iPointz-a futuristic technology!

iPointz is a dedicated loyalty solution application to provide mobile Loyalty and Prepaid payment solutions which works on SaaS (Software as a Service) model by a dedicated android app on smart phones or tablet PCs with NFC (Near Field Communication Support) to help retail businesses to keep their customers loyal and connected.

It is a Secured Smartcard based Prepaid and Loyalty rewards system which operates on SaaS model, where customers pay very low monthly fee and get access to web based Loyalty System application on Demand using NFC Supported Smartphone, tablet and PCs. All required mobile POS (Point of Sales) loyalty and prepaid terminals and smartcards or NFC tags are going to be provided by us as required by customers in Middle East.

It is a managed service option that allows businesses to focus on their concerned activities with the confidence of knowing that regardless of circumstances, the Loyalty or prepaid Transactions are all happening real time and Data Flow from terminals to Server is also Real time. The software used is a delivery method that provides access to software and its functions remotely as a Web-based service. SaaS allows organizations to access business functionality at a cost typically less than paying for licensed applications since SaaS pricing is based on a monthly fee and it is always ON Demand.

How Does It Operate ?