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Leisure Card for Hostels, Casinos and Clubs

Thinking of ways to entice your customers footfall by offering them discounts at a range of attractions, then our Ipointz leisure cards can help you out, we help you to provide your customers a loyalty/prepaid membership scheme for with lucrative offers so that they remain loyal and connected to your night club all year round.

Ipointz Leisure loyalty/prepaid Cards which are designed specifically to fit in your nightclub or restaurant business needs at a good price with excellent services. It will boost your customer relationship and provide you and your customers a unique and terrific experience, by the following ways :-

Stop hunting for an expert company which is honest and reliable as well, you can always count on us as we are up front and fair, and do have your best interests in mind and as we always place our customers at the very top of our agenda. We can help you make the right and cost-effective decisions in an order to improve your bottom line of your nightclub or restaurant business. We would be pleased to be of your assistance, call us today at 971 4 358 7036 or write us an email on [email protected] and one of our representatives will get in touch with you.