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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is ipointz Loyalty program different from others?

Ipointz Loyalty Solutions are the ever innovative and robust Loyalty Programs developed exclusively to fit right in distinct business needs to meet your enterprise’s goals and targets. Ipointz Loyalty Software is remarkably effortless to access and browse; it’s a web based application, easily accessible on your Smartphone, tablet or PC with just an internet access like Google. It’s backed with hi-end technology that upgrades software itself automatically and ensures that you are always using the latest version.

2. Why should I implement Ipointz loyalty Program in my business?

Because two different business organizations cannot be same so do not their business needs and goals, in an order to be distinctive from competitors consider Ipointz loyalty program where you can easily customize its application to fit the distinctive needs of your company, your experience and most essentially, your customers. You will never have to buy, install or upgrade the software again. Ipointz is a Web-based application, which upgrades automatically that implies you are always on the latest version. It provides your business and your customers a unique and terrific experience as it is backed by the latest technology that helps you connect and engage with your best customers while nurturing new ones. We allow you to pay as you go and see a return on your investment instantly.

3. How will Ipointz work? Do I need to purchase any additional software?

Using Ipointz is extremely simple and effortless and there is no need to pay for any additional software and there is no hidden cost, you just pay as you go. It works in a simple way, as soon as you issue the Ipointz card to your customers they start earning instantly. Your customers can register themselves online at www.ipointz.net and once they activate their card they can start redeeming their rewards and when your customers go to another store which is affiliated with Ipointz and enrolls in their version of Ipointz program. Store just swipes the card at their machine and automatically customer data is pulled from Ipointz central database, thus enabled enrolling the customer there too. This way, Ipointz card holders start talking about the single card that they can use anywhere and about the stores affiliated with it thus creating the clamor for your store.

4. How can Ipointz help boost my business?

Ipointz loyalty programs help businesses to patronize their store for decades and help you acquire, retain and create superior customer equity for the repeat customer base and create an addiction for your products and services which plays a key role in making you more competitive than your rivals. We understand the very nature of business sustainability of the business is based on the addiction of the customers to the store.Â

5. What is Loyalty Discount Cards?

Loyalty Discount cards which is a part of loyalty program, help retail businesses patronize their store and continue the buying customs of their existing customers. It is a brilliant way to make sure that your customers come back to you. People keep these trendy discount cards in their pocket or wallet and use them time after time. These cards are long-lasting, and persuade repeat business as it offers a unique and terrific experience to your customers and help boost your business.

6. What is Loyalty Campus Cards Program?

Loyalty Campus card is a smart card program designed to reward and provides benefits to students who register with your university or college / educational organization. It will serve the purpose of ID card along with other multiple uses like accessing computer or science lab, making cashless payments for books, meals, parking and other services at the campus. It’s a kind of debit card. Students don’t need to carry cash with them, they can put it into their card for cashless transactions, which is safer and more secure as compared to cash. It is an exceptional way to reward students for their purchases at university or school premises and are rewarded throughout the semester.

7. What is Loyalty Health Card Program?

Loyalty health Card programs are used to help maintain a database of personal information of your patients. it simplifies the tedious administrative work while let you Carry out improved medical practices with ease. Only the card issued to your patients will contain all the pertinent critical data like prescriptions, allergies and chronic physical state along with demographics and insurance history. The physician can have immediate access to specific and the latest information of the patient by inserting the patient card in a terminal in the exam room.