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All your valued customers' data is just a few clicks away with the iPointz web portal. You do not have any need to manage expensive IT infrastructure, just using your android phone you can access the iPointz web portal, using it is simple like Yahoo!, Google etc.

iPointz web portal is easily accessible on any NFC compatible Smartphone, tablet or on PC with internet access. You can acquire all the important reports such as Administrator Options, Members Reports, Finance Reports, and Branch Reports. All the info like buying behavior of customers that helps you analyze who are your best customers so it further helps you to retain those customers loyal and connected.

What's more, it not only gives access to business administrator, but to the customers as well. Your customers can register themselves on iPointz web portal after getting the iPointz Loyalty card and start accumulating rewards and points and can check purchasing status. At the same time it allows you to track the spending behavior, their taste and preferences, this helps you to plan the promotional and marketing campaign accordingly.

Its unique features with powerful back-end support gives you the best possible end-user experience with the speed and ease. Ipointz is remarkably effortless to use like eBay or facebook which you may be using every day. You can easily access and browse your company information from any Smartphone, laptop or PC and, let you view your customers' historical transactional data whenever you need. Easy use of your loyalty/ prepaid program allows it to be up, and running in a matter of minutes.