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Membership Card for Health Clubs,Cafe,Spa

Do you want your customers' membership cards to be converted into something that your customers delight in to carry around and bring to your store time and again? It's that simple with Ipointz membership cards, as we create it as a great marketing tool that converts a sporadic customer into a regular source of revenue. Add on a dash of marketing expertise to your club or café's membership card and notice how much it can pick your sales up year-round.

Reward your customers and improve your business with Ipointz membership cards. We are offering customizable cards to maintain better customer data and tone up customer relationships and experiences, eventually convert into more sales in an affordable price. Track remaining balances, membership dates and activities easily -and keep information accessible and confidential with Ipointz membership cards. Pleasing customers has never been easily done.

Prepaid membership schemes can be designed in a way that all members will be actually paying businesses in advance and, hence keeping customers close, connected and privileged and business owners get advance payments from customers without providing any service on liquidating stocks inventory, as well.

Loyalty Membership cards help the retention of existing members and promotional schemes of memberships cards encourage members to refer friends and colleagues.

If you are running a spa, health club or internet café, and seeking for a fair and reliable company that can provide you with the right Loyalty/prepaid membership solution then we are always here to help you out. We are honest and up-front and do have your best interests in mind, not ours.

You can rely us to assist you make the right and cost-effective decisions that help improve your bottom line. We always place our customers at the very top of our agenda. Make us call today at 971 4 358 7036 or write us an email on [email protected] and one of our representatives will get in touch with you.