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Loyalty Card for Retail Chains

We have been helping retail businesses to patronize their stores. Now shed your burden of thinking ways to create an addiction for your store or retail chain. We help you acquire, retain and create superior customer equity for the repeat customer base and create an addiction for your products, services and brands which plays a key role in making you more competitive than your rivals. We understand the very nature of business sustainability of the business is based on the addiction of the customers to the store.

Ipointz Loyalty Cards are easily customizable and designed specifically to fit in your retail business needs at very affordable price with excellent services. Our Ipointz Loyalty Cards provide you and your customers a unique and terrific experience, by the following ways -


We help to carry on a healthy business by helping you create a repeat customer base which gives a constant flow of revenues. Ipointz loyalty card helps to enrich your customer relationship. It allows you keep your customers happy by rewarding points, gifts for their purchases; it will retain them loyal and connected and also push their spending level forward. As a consequence, you devolve upon a repeat customer base which led to increased revenue and always motivate your customers and make them loyal towards your business.


With Ipointz Loyalty card you can acquire new customer base while retaining the old ones which saves you tidy money and time on undertaking advertising and marketing campaigns to generate new business. It is indeed a cost effective solution which help retain your existing customers loyal and connected without letting them go to your competitors. Adding to this it will build up a strong hub of repeat customers and influence their spending behavior, as well.


Customer relationship is a key component for a healthy business. Ipointz Discount cards helps you keep up an excellent customer relationship by providing excellent customer service experiences, and this makes your customers loyal. Furthermore, you can meet your customers' demands by tracking their buying behavior and ensuring to have a better customer relationship. This overall increase revenue and thus increases your turnover.

We are fair and up-front. We do have your best interests in mind, not ours. You can rely us to assist you make the right and cost-effective decisions help improve your bottom line. We always place our customers at the very top of our agenda.

If you are running a retail store, and looking for an fair and reliable company that can provide you with the right Customer Loyalty Solutions then call us today at 971 4 358 7036 or write us an email on [email protected] and one of our representatives will get in touch with you.